Wabistraps strives to bring the best quality straps possible at the lowest price point to watch lovers and collectors all around the world. We are truly a brand for watch enthusiasts, by watch enthusiasts.

Wabistraps exist due to a gap in the market for affordable yet good quality watch straps that pair well with vintage watches. The people behind Wabistraps are watch enthusiasts and vintage watch players who have a deep passion for collecting, whether it is a $100 Seiko 5 to a $200,000 Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona. These are the things that get us excited, these are the things that keep us squirreling away, hoping to acquire our next piece, and the next. And while we save up for our next acquisition, it would not make sense for us to compromise on being able to change the straps of the watches we currently own just because it costs so much for a nice looking leather strap, and getting a cheap one would not work because it would simply cheapen the look of our watch.

We believe that watch straps are like clothes for a watch, each time a watch has it's strap swapped out, it undergoes a transformation making it feel like a completely difference timepiece. Many watch straps on the market boasts of extremely high quality leather, and we won’t deny, looks amazing but is usually expensive and unaffordable. It almost would not make sense to purchase a strap that costs more than a watch.

That is where Wabistraps come in. We provide the best quality leather for our price range, showcasing straps similar in style to those on the wrists of long time watch collectors and influential people in the watch industry. Although impossible to beat the quality of straps made by leather strap artisans or custom watch strap makers, we certainly do our best in matching them in aesthetics at a significantly lower price point.

If you appreciate our value proposition, head on down to our shop to see what we have to offer! To stay informed, do sign up for our email list for more exciting product skews and articles in the coming months. We are grateful for your support and business and we look forward to responding to any feedback, suggestions or even questions you may have about our products.

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