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Brown Vintage Leather Watch Strap

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Our brown vintage leather strap is textbook old school style. Whether you are out on a drive or doing work in a study, you can be sure that this strap is never out of place. As they say, oldie is goldie, you can be sure that the style of straps our father's father wore before our time will stay evergreen. Taking design cues from classic watch strap manufactures, we have implemented the classic design of having the stitching at the lugs as well as the tongue end of the strap. These also provide for added durability. The leather used has been dyed and treated to give it an aged look, ensuring that this strap holds true to the design inspiration we got from those exquisitely made vintage leather straps that can be found online.


Style Vintage
Material Distressed Genuine Leather
Color Dark Brown
Pattern Smooth Natural Hue
Stitching Ivory
Length(s) 3 x 4.9 inches (76mmx124mm)
Thickness 2.0mm
Adjustability 9 Holes (Suitable for wrist from approximately 145mm [5.7inch] to 172mm [6.8inch])
Hardware Solid Stainless Steel (Polished Finish) - Nickle Free
Feel Smooth & Flexible