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Leather One-Piece Watch Straps

Our leather one-piece watch bands are a great alternative for those who like the utility of one piece watch bands issued to NATO military personnel but dislike nylon or canvas materials. Although the variety of colors available for our leather military bands are not as extensive as our nylon MilSpec strap, we still have an interesting array of colors for you to pick from. These leather one piece straps are great straps for chronograph watches as they have a good balance of elegance but also an element of casual style. We also have 2 distinct hardware styles to choose from: a chunkier, buckle and keepers with rounded edges which are known as "ZULU" and the typical "MilSpec" hardware that are slightly more angular and less protruding. For those who are more conscious about wearing leather or have allergy to leather products, we also offer a faux leather alternative. These PU leather watch straps are made to look exactly like leather, but are synthetically produced. Therefore, you can have a stylish leather look without compromising on ethical believes. At Wabistraps, we are happy when your needs are met so we hope to expand our line of faux leather watch bands one step at a time.