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ZULU Straps

Our ZULU watch straps are similar to MilSpec style straps in the materials, with one significant difference, the hardware used. ZULU bands utilize a larger, more pronounced rounded buckle and keepers. These give the straps a more distinct look and are perfect for more rugged watches. There are 2 main variants within the ZULU straps we sell, one has a 5 ring combination and the other a 3 ring combination. Functionally, there is not much of a difference, however, some of our customers swear by a 5 ring ZULU watch band while others prefer a simpler 3 ring configuration. Whichever you prefer, you will appreciate that we offer these rings in 3 distinct colors, gold, silver and PVD black so you can pair with your watch perfectly. Shop our ZULU collection at Wabistraps now!