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Sport Watch Strap

Sports watches allow for versatile straps and can accommodate a larger variety of colors and pattern, which is why we have an ever expanding range of sports watch bands too. This collection was put together for the outdoors man, the race car driver who enjoys a dynamic lifestyle and has a taste for adventure. We have intentionally chosen straps that can emulate these traits while providing a good sense of function. Not only are our straps durable, we have kept in mind that sport watches tend to have beefier cases, which is why the straps have to be compatible in thickness. Furthermore, being constantly exposed to the elements, the leather used have to be breathable and resistant to perspiration. The perforations on the straps we offer as well as the type of buckle, thickness of the strap are not simply aesthetic choices but also have a utilitarian reasoning behind them. So we truly hope we are able to provide you with value, style and the durability in our sports watch straps.