How to Change A Watch Strap | Replacing a Leather Watch Band DIY Tutorial

Learn how to swap out your watch band in less than 3 minutes with this step-by-step guide. There are pictures & full video to show you exactly how to do it yourself.

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Changing a watch strap is easy, it can be done in under 3 minutes and with the right tool, you will be able to enjoy your new watch band in no time. This tutorial includes detailed steps you can follow to learn how to change a strap. A more detailed video tutorial has also been included at the end of the guide to help you get a better understanding on things you are uncertain of which are not depicted in the pictorial guide. We hope this tutorial will help you learn how to change the strap on any watch and allow you to mix and match different styles of straps to match your outfit everyday. Without further ado...

Step-by-step guide on replacing your watch strap

Step 1: Identify if your watch has a pinhole or not

What is a pinhole? Drilled lugs vs non drilled lugs
Step 2: Hold on to the watch firmly with your left hand and pick up the tool with your left hand

How to hold onto your watch when changing watch strap
Step 3: (Non Drilled Lugs) Insert the forked end of the tool between the lugs and strap

(Drilled Lugs) Insert the pointed end of the tool into the pinhole

How to use a springbar tool - Inserting springbar tool between lugs

Step 5: Push the pin inwards while holding on to the spring bar, this should dislodge the existing strap

Removing your old watch strap
Step 6: Remove the spring bar from your old strap, and insert it into your new strap

How to change your springbar - Recycle old springbar into new strap
Step 7: Pick up the watch head with your left hand, insert one end of the replacement strap with the spring bar into the pinhole for one side of the lug and align the other end of the spring bar to the other pinhole.

Fixing on new watch strap - insert watch strap into pinhole
Step 8: Using the watch strap tool, pull back the spring bar and let the strap slide into place and ensure both ends of the spring bars are in the pin holes

How to put on replacement strap for my watch - using the strap tool
Step 9: Give the straps a gentle tug to ensure it is in place

How to ensure watch strap is secure - give it a tug
Step 10: You are done changing your watch strap, enjoy!

Omega Speedmaster on suede watch strap - enjoy your new strap

Here is the full video tutorial on how you can change your watch strap. It gives a more detailed guide, so if you are not clear on any of the straps, do refer to the video which walks you through the entire process that images just cannot do.


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