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Dirty Green Velvet Watch Strap

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Our dirty green velvet straps are so versatile that you can pair it with a sports chronograph one day and a dress watch the next. We ensured that our suede straps are tapered nicely to ensure it styles perfectly with any non sports watch without compromising on it's rugged form. We were careful in ensuring that the keepers (loops) are taut such that the band can be tucked in snugly without having too much excess loop protruding out from the side of the band. The suede leather is lined with a layer of leather for increase durability and comfort on the wrist. When worn, this strap provides a smart casual look that is unparalleled by other leather straps. Where else can you find a good quality suede strap at an affordable price as a replacement for your current strap?


Style Vintage
Material Suede
Color Dirty Green
Pattern Fur Textured
Stitching Ivory
Length(s) 2.8 x4.7 inches (72mmx119mm)
Thickness 2.5mm
Adjustability 7 Holes (Suitable for wrist from approximately 145mm [5.7inch] to 165mm [6.5inch])
Hardware Solid Stainless Steel (Polished Finish) - Nickle Free
Feel Velvet Soft & Durable